TRĘBICKI HOŁOWIŃSKA Limited Partnership, in short: is a new law firm. New, but based on many years of our legal experience and also on almost six years of cooperation between Joanna and Piotr.
We have over 20 years of experience in working with business and individual clients. Our team consists of practitioners with a wide range of competencies. Thanks to this, we can be close to our Clients’ affairs, flexibly adapting to the changing conditions of multi-stage business projects. Often and with great pride we become a part of the success of our customers.

How do we work?

1.     Analysis

When planning the course of action, we always take into account the business goals and directions of development of our Clients. We analyze the actual legal situation and select the appropriate scope of competence, necessary for comprehensive legal service of a given case. From the very beginning, our Clients can count on the ongoing support of a dedicated Team and supervisor.

2.     Strategy

We plan our activities from start to finish, at every stage of cooperation looking for simple, effective and understandable solutions that bring our Clients closer to achieving their goals. We monitor legislative changes and case law to ensure that the solutions we propose are always up-to-date, taking into account all possibilities and variables.

“Perspective is important for us. That is why we are attentive, close to our Clients’ affairs, constantly monitoring the effects and planning the next move – taking the next, thoughtful step towards achieving the intended goal.”

3.     Attention 

We are committed to building positive and long-term relationships with our Clients. We know and follow the specifics of our clients’ industries. We know that business evolves in response to a changing environment. We create a diverse team in terms of competence and experience, thanks to which we are able to dynamically adapt to the changing needs of our clients. We are present, regardless of the current location of our Clients’ business, in Poland or abroad.

“We work online and in the cloud. We can work from anywhere in the world, but we still value face-to-face meetings. Our shared experience leads us to believe that they are much more efficient and creative.”