TRĘBICKI HOŁOWIŃSKA Law Firm is a place where we talk to people about their business goals, development, new ideas and challenges. We listen to the needs of leaders, founders of start-ups or small businesses.
We work for many large multinational corporations. We create space for effective legal analysis, strategic planningand achievement of intended goals.

Our Approach

“We work online and in the cloud. We can work from anywhere in the world, but we still value
face-to-face meetings. Our shared experience leads us to believe that they are much more effective and creative.”

Piotr Trębicki

How do we work?

We work online and in the cloud. 

We can work from anywhere in the world, but we still value
face-to-face meetings. Our shared experience leads us to believe that they are much more effective and creative.” 

Piotr Trębicki

Joanna Hołowińska

“Perspective is important to us. That is why we are attentive, close to our Clients’ affairs, constantly monitoring the results and planning the next move – taking the next, thoughtful step towards achieving the intended goal.”

Joanna Hołowińska

Our specialisations

We have been advising Polish and foreign  companies for 20 years. We specialize in public procurement law, but thisis not the 

only area of our competence.

Our Clients also use the following services: