Privace Policy

Our site uses Cookies, which are stored on the device disk of the ultimate user in order to facilitate navigation and adapt the site to the user’s settings. Blocking cookies or removing them is possible using the relevant browser’s preference configuration, but may cause impediments or lock certain site functions. Not changing browser settings to the cookies blocking settings means that the user consents to their saving.

On your user account on your computer or your phone, which you use to connect to the Internet (more specifically in the using browser, eg. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.), a lot of websites save Cookies. A cookie is a small file – it’s saved onto your computer or other device when you visit our website. Cookies store small pieces of information. For example, – they will remember you’ve visited our site or performed a certain action. We use cookies to help us improve your experience when you visit our website. For example, a cookie might store information so you don’t have to keep entering it. Cookies also let us know which pages of our site you visited; they help us develop and market our products and services.

Cookies are not used to collect an information that identifies you.

The entity, which publishes cookies on the user’s device, and accesses them is the operator of the site

Cookies are used to:

  • adapt the content of web pages to user preferences and optimize the use of websites, in particular, they allow us to identify the device and properly display the web page adjusted to the user’s individual needs;
  • create statistics, which help us to learn how users use the websites, which allows us to improve their structure and content;

Our site uses two basic types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, which are stored in the user’s terminal until log out time, leave the website or close the browser. Persistent cookies are stored in the user’s terminal for the time specified in the cookies parameters or until the user doesn’t delete them.

As part of the service the following types of cookies can be used:

  • necessary cookies, enabling the use of functions available within the service, eg. authentication cookies used for services, which require authentication (login);
  • cookies used to ensure safety, eg. used to detect abuse of authentication within the service;
  • performance cookies, which allow information to be collected about how to use the website;
  • functional cookies, which enable „remembering” your choices and customizing the user interface, eg. language or region, the appearance of the website, etc.;
  • advertising cookies, allowing users to deliver advertising content adapted to their interests.

If you think that the presence of cookies violates your privacy, you can always turn them off for a particular site, or in general, for all connections from your browser. More information about managing cookies, can be found in the Help section of your browser.

At the same time, we inform you that limiting the use of cookies may have an impact on certain functionalities of the site.